November is the time to count our many blessings – name them one by one.

I want to look at each day and name at least one blessing from that day. Something that happened or affected me on that day and not just in general. It can be so easy to ignore those little blessings in our day, but sometimes it is the little blessings that can make the biggest impact.

November 26 – Thankful for Safe Travels
After traveling for the Thanksgiving holiday and staying in a hotel, eating out, and shopping at all hours we never had one bit of trouble.  Our hotel was pleasant, driving was smooth (Thanks Julie for being our shopping chauffeur), food was great (Except for the one hair in Bill’s food) and everyone had fun. 
November 27 – Thankful for Pat putting up the Christmas Lights
Pat spent last Wednesday and today putting up the Christmas lights on our house.  We really debated putting them up and making the move to LED lights.  They are expensive, but knew we would have them for a long time if we got them.  Then it was the debate of what color.  Last year we got these blue and white trees that go along the south side of our house, so we wanted to match those.  Pat took great care to make sure every light had its own clip and they just look wonderful.  He set it off by putting blue bulbs in all our outside light fixtures too.  Our house has a Griswald kind of glow and it is beautiful. Thanks, Pat!

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