We had another busy week at our house, starting with Pat’s birthday.  Unfortunately I have no pictures of that.  We had friends over since it was such a gorgeous day and spent the evening on the porch!  Fun times!
The rest of the week flew by and suddenly it was time for trick or treating!  Our town did its trick or treating last night, which I like.  The boys have basketball practice tonight and that way, we got our trial run through with the costumes before they take them to school!  We celebrated Pat’s birthday again with his sister and family and everyone but me went trick or treating.  I LOVE to stay home and pass out the treats.  It is so fun to see all the kids in costumes and chatting with them.  I always get a variety of treats to hand out.  I love to pass out play doh for the little ones who don’t need all that candy, but I have realized play doh is a favorite among all ages and I always run out.  I also get the mini oreos as well as some favorite candy…..Hershey’s, Twix, Reeses Pumpkins, and the Halloween and White Chocolate Kit Kats.  It was a very busy evening and I easily handed out over 200 items.  It was wonderful to see all the kids and families in town.
Reagan wanted to be Smurfette and rather than buying a costume, we used a white skirt and tank top we already had.  I bought the white gloves and white hat and the blue Under Armour.  I couldn’t find blue tights so we had to stick with white.  We opted not to paint her whole face blue.  Knowing my child, I figured she would come home with all of her white clothes stained blue as well.  She was excited to be able to have her cousin, Ali put on her makeup, including glitter.  I even got her fake eyelashes, but those lasted about 30 seconds.  She said they itched, so we opted for mascara.  I thought she was a pretty cute Smurfette anyway!

 Bennett really struggled with his costume, making a list of possible ideas including a lawyer, and a construction worker.  From the construction worker idea, we formed the Lumberjack.  All we had to get was a flannel shirt!  I already had the makeup to do his beard.  Pat got an axe handle and fashioned an ax from some grey foam we had in the garage.  This is one of our favorite costumes from all our Halloween years!  I think he looks very authentic!

Patrick, being a 6th grader, wasn’t sure if it was cool or not to still go trick or treating.  We didn’t push him and let him decide for himself.  Once he decided to be a 70’s Basketball player, we were on the hunt for costume items.  They found the shorts at Goodwill and the sweat band and socks at Dick’s Sporting Goods.  He put his costume on so I could take photos last night, but chose not to trick or treat and just walked along with the family.  He did take his costume to school today to dress up for the party there. 
We usually take great pride in our pumpkin carving, but this year we kind of petered out and ran out of time.  Reagan knew she really wanted a Hello Kitty pumpkin, so Pat took care of that one for her.  I wanted to try drilling a polka dot pumpkin…seeing lots of neat ideas on Pinterest….and since the boys didn’t care, we went with easy jack-o-lanterns.  So this is what we came up with this year.  I still think they are fun and decorated our entry way to welcome our trick or treaters!

On Friday, I, along with our librarian took our Storytime kids around to our downtown businesses.  We had about a dozen kids all decked out in costumes ranging from Wolverine to Caption America to a Bumblebee to Thing 1 and Thing 2.  I read a couple Halloween stories and we went for our walk.  I couldn’t miss the opportunity to dress up, and our librarian did too.  I look forward to Storytime every month and was glad we could squeeze in a Halloween celebration as well. 

Happy Halloween everyone!  Be safe, have fun, and don’t eat all your kids’ candy!

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  1. Monica J @ Sofamilyonline on October 31, 2011 at 6:26 pm

    Wow, your family had a very busy week, but it sounds like great family fun. I love the unique costumes your children came up with. Love the lumber jack facial hair. I actually love Halloween because the kids get so creative with the costumes. Oh, and play doh is one of the best trick or treat gifts you can give. Please save the teeth! Thanks for sharing your fun Halloween week. Happy Halloween!

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