If you have a daughter, then I would bet that you have hair accessories.  Our bathroom was being overtaken by barrettes, hair “piggies”, as we call them, headbands, etc  So, before school started, I decided to get that mess under control.  I had already been using an ice cube tray for the tiny “piggies”, but that wasn’t big enough for all the barrettes. 
FULL DISCLOSURE:  I AM NOT CRAFTY AT ALL!!!  So if you are reading this to get some awesome craft idea…..you might want to look elsewhere.  I am someone who wants the simplest and quickest way to get something done and this is what worked for me. 
I went to Wal-Mart and bought a pretty wide ribbon, a thin wooden dowel.  Both items totaled less than $3.00!  I cut the ribbon to an 18 inch length and folded it over the dowel.  This is where the crafty part comes in…..I then stapled it.  I did have to ask Pat to drill tiny holes into the end of the dowel so I could slide the fishing line through it for hanging.  Then I placed all the barrettes on the ribbons.  TA DA!

I know there are probably a lot fancier and prettier options out there.  But this works for me.  Reagan can reach it, take barrettes off and put them back on, and see right away which one will match her outfit without digging through a drawer. 

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