So, I’ve decided to commit to something HUGE!  I’m going to Read the BIBLE in 90 days!  Wanna join me?  I know I can’t do this alone!  That’s why I joined this program.  I will have hundreds of other people reading right along with me.  I will have a Mentor checking in and praying for me.  I will have to check in every Monday to make sure I am accountable.  I will begin this journey on July 11th.  What are you doing July 11th?

I am the first to say, I am not sure I can do this.  I REALLY WANT to do it. But, I am scared.  It is summer.  Our schedule is….well….not very scheduled.  I am taking a class 2 weeks after this starts where I will have to do other reading.  We are taking a week’s vacation during the first month of this journey.  I will be starting another intense Bible Study of the Book of Acts 2 months into this study.  I already have limited hours in my day. 

But, I still signed up, because they next opportunity wasn’t until January.  I signed up because I really want to understand more of God’s Word.  I signed up because I am hoping it will bring a calmness to my days.  I signed up because I want to grow in my relationship with God.  I signed up because I was asked by Susan of The Confident Mom and I respect her insights.  I signed up because I thought if I signed up, I might encourage someone else to sign up.  So……wanna sign up?  Well…….to sign up, click HERE.  Let me know if you sign up and we can check in with eachother and support and encourage eachother too!


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  1. Sincerely, Jenni on June 30, 2011 at 12:45 pm

    I signed up. I really need to do something like this!

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