I have been checking out this new site and wanted to tell all you moms out there about it as well.

Goalforit is a great website that offers charts for goal setting, chores, and behaviors as well as a way to make lists.  You can set up a chart for each child as well as yourself.  The kids will like to click on their own personal chore chart and put a heart or a star next to their completed chore.  Each chart can be customized for each child’s chores and decorated towards their own interests. 

Tween/Teen Chore Chart

Younger Child Chore Chart

 All of the charts are user-friendly and easy to set up or make changes as needed.  I also like the To Do List option for keeping track of things that I need to accomplish.  It is great for making a list of items needed to plan a trip, or big home projects, or even upcoming blogging topics!

The only downside is that you have to have the internet in order to access your personal charts.  For younger children this may take some parental help.  As always, it is important to supervise your children while they are on the internet.  It would be nice to have the option to print off the charts if you didn’t want to have your children on the computer. 

To help make your kids excited about doing their chores check out goalforit and set up their very own chore chart today!  The best part is that it is FREE and SO EASY to use!  I highly recommend this website as a way to relieve some of the responsibility for handling the chores in your home.  It allows the kids to check their chart and see what needs to be done for that day!

This review is my honest opinion and I wouldn’t review anything that wouldn’t benefit my family.  But, you must know that I was compensated for this review.  Thanks to Goalforit for the opportunity to review their website!

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