Today I made a decision to take a weekend getaway.  No, I am not taking a flight to somewhere warm.  No, I’m not going to lay in a hotel room and order room service all weekend.  No, I am not going to a spa and getting pampered for a weekend.  Instead, I am driving 7+ hours north, where it is colder, and spending a good share of my weekend outside in the cold.  Why, you ask?  Because my niece, Jena, asked me to!

Next weekend I am traveling with my beautiful 21 year-old niece to Walker, MN for the 32nd Annual Eelpout Festival!  What is an eelpout, you ask?  Well it is a fish that lives in Leech Lake in Walker, MN.

Beyond that, I really don’t know much about the fish or the festival.  I know hundreds of people go out on the lake, cut holes in the ice and drop in their line to catch this particular fish. There are prizes and all sorts of fun to go along with it.  But the key is….it all takes place OUTSIDE in the middle of WINTER in NORTHERN MINNESOTA!  
So, why would I go?  My nephew and his wife live up there as well as my cousin and her family.  I don’t get to see them as often as I would like.  My niece asked me to go and I actually had a weekend that was fairly easy for me to get away.  The hubby said….Go!  So, I am going!
I will NOT be taking part in the Polar Pout Plunge like my niece and nephew will be.  I will be sitting in the VIP seats to get a view of the action though!  The rec center raises money by having the jumpers take pledges for the priviledge of taking the plunge into the freezing water!  Doesn’t it look like loads of fun? NOT! Sorry, Jena! I will be there to hand you warm clothes after you get out of that FREEZING water!
My cousin is the President of the Walker Area Rec Center and is in charge of taking these awesome photos of this fun part of the festival as well as many other things I am sure. 
So, even though this isn’t my idea of relaxation or the “ideal” getaway.  I am actually excited to spend the weekend doing something different and out of my comfort zone.  I bought some warm snow pants and those handy hand warmers today.  I am totally looking forward to hanging out with my nieces and nephew and my cousins and aunt and uncle.  I have NO DOUBT that memories will be made and who knows….maybe the sun will even shine a little bit!  Plus my hubby gets a weekend all alone with the kids and away from me!  How fun is that???
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