UPDATE:  We are having such a winter warm-up, that we are having fog….such thick, dense fog that school was first 2 hours late and now CANCELLED, due to fog and slippery roads.  So, day 2 of No School for the winter is upon us.  Is it too early for wine???????

This week, here in Iowa, we are having a winter warm up.  I expect that by the end of the week, most of the snow will be gone.  They are even predicting a high of 60 degrees by Thursday!  60 degrees…in February…in Iowa….is Awesome!  Of course, then there is me….traveling NORTH…..to a place where it is colder….*shakes head*…what am I thinking?????  See this post for why I am going north.

We are used to the snow and cold here, but many places south of us have been inundated with snow and cold.  They are not prepared to handle the snow and have had quite a mess to deal with.  Hopefully this photo will give you something to laugh at today!  Remember, “Phil” says Spring is coming soon!!!

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  1. The Waughs on February 16, 2011 at 3:25 pm

    I love this warm up too!

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