Today is back to reality!  “Back to life…..back to reality…..”  You’re singing it right?  Who sings that song?  Anyway, the kids are back in school, the hubby is back to work and I am trying to get our house back in order.  It has to look nice since we have our daughter’s birthday party here next Sunday and of course, I have a hectic week ahead.  Today is my day at home and so as I have been doing laundry, answering emails, I have also been picking up.  So, have you ever had this happen….

As I go to put a movie away, I realize I wanted to clean out the VCR movie drawer and donate them to our library.  So, I start digging through the movies.  Then as I am digging out the movies, I realize how disgustingly dusty it is underneath the TV and all over the whole entertainment center.  So, then I start to dust the entertainment center.  I get all the movies picked up and put in bags ready to go….an hour later!

So, then I had this photo from our vacation that I bought a frame for.  I got it all put in the frame and then I went to the junk drawer to get a nail and hammer and yes, you guessed it….I got wrapped into sorting the junk drawer.  There were batteries all over and all sorts of items that we didn’t need in there.  So, again, an hour later, I have cleaned out the junk drawer, arranged the batteries, and actually didn’t even find a nail to hang the frame. Ugh!

Isn’t this the life of a mom….you go into a room to put something away and something new takes your attention away from the task at hand!  That is what makes us pros at multi-tasking, right? That is why it really helps me out to keep a list.  I have a dry erase board in our kitchen where I keep track of what I need to do and it is kind of fun to check things off as I finish them.  But, since it is so easy to get distracted by other tasks, it helps me out to keep that list in front of me!

So, on my first “working” day of the new year, I was able to knock off 5/10 things on my To Do list, as well as kept laundry going, did those extra tasks I mentioned above, and even got on the treadmill for a half hour!  In 10 minutes I leave to pick up the kids and I can pick them up feeling good about my Monday!

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