A couple mornings ago, the quote on the calendar in my bathroom said,

You can’t give anything away if your own tank is empty.

When I tore off the page and saw this quote, I stopped what I was doing, and I started to cry.  I have heard this said many, many times.  Especially as someone who is always giving.  In fact, I am sure I have given this advice to others before.  But, that day, it was exactly what I needed to hear.  My tank was completely empty.  I was running on fumes.  I had nothing left to give.  It was a wake-up call for me and helped me change the focus of my week.  I haven’t done much housework.  I have been cooking for my family (which I love).  I took a walk with the kids in our beautiful fall weather.  I spent some time reading a book I am enjoying.  And today, I feel better.  The kids had an early dismissal from school, so we are all home early, with no practices tonight.  I have supper in the crock pot.  The windows and doors are open to let in the beautiful day.  The house smells delicious.  The boys are sitting at the table with me doing their homework.  Tonight we are going to enjoy a movie together.  I am refilling my tank.  I know I need to be more careful about my tank running low.  Because when my tank is low, I am not an enjoyable person to be around.  I realize that and am working on keeping my tank full.

That same morning, I came out to our kitchen where I have another calendar with a daily quote on it. (Can you tell I like quotes?)  Surprisingly, it related to the other quote.  It said,

You can get lonesome being that busy.  Isabel Lennart

When you are too busy, you don’t have time for friends, for family, for your spouse, or for yourself.  I had neglected all of them, and today they are getting my time and my love.  I needed these reminders this week and maybe you will too. 

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