One of my absolute favorite traditions in our family involves Valentine’s Day. It is something I started when our boys were 1 and 2 and we have continued it every year since. I give the kids a little present every year for Valentine’s day just like I give my husband something. But the extra special part, is that I make the gift giving into a scavenger hunt all around the house. Each clue taking them to some other spot until finally arriving at the end with a present waiting just for them. Over the years my clues have been in a poem form, in question form and have involved memories from the previous year. One year I even had a scavenger hunt for my husband. Just the other day my heart swelled when our middle child asked if I was still planning to do the Scavenger Hunt this year. Of course I was! Except this year I had to do it a little early….last night in fact! So yesterday, I planned it out, placed the clues all around the house and right after supper, we let the kids get started. This year I also incorporated silly tricks that they had to perform before they got to the final prize at the end. The gift bag included movies and a Leapster game for them to take along for a weekend getaway. We are traveling to an indoor waterpark that is about 2 hours away. This winter has been cold, long, and snowy and we really felt like we needed a weekend get-away. So, as soon as the kids get home from school we are heading out to our balmy indoor waterpark where we hope to forget, for a few days anyway, that it is winter outside! What do you do for Valentine’s Day?
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