As the Christmas vacation comes to a close and the house is “deChristmastized”, I am eager to get back to a regular routine, regular food, and regular sleep. I got a new planner for the new year that is called a Busy Mom’s Pad. Each day is a tear-off sheet that has a quote, a new word for the day, notable events from history on that day and famous people’s birthdays. Then it has space for a To Do list for that day. So far, 3 days in, I have been LOVING it! I have everything written down that I need to accomplish tomorrow. Little things like phone calls I need to make and big things like planning the food for Reagan’s birthday party on Saturday. So, as the new year begins I am hoping to stay on task and look forward to checking things off of my list every day!
One way I stay on task each and every morning is laying the kids’ clothes out the night before. This is such a HUGE help. I don’t have to leave what I am doing to go and pick out clothes, they can get up and have the responsibility of getting dressed on their own, and there are no clothing choice struggles. This can also work for adults. If your clothes are layed out before you go to bed, there is no struggle in the morning for you either!
May you have a productive first work week of the New Year!
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