Taken from the book Every Monday Matters: 52 Ways To Make A Difference by Matthew Emerzian and Kelly Bozza
-Only 1 in 6 people read 12 or more books a year.
-Leisure reading has declined 7% over the last 10 years.
-55% 0f women compared to 37% of men read for leisure.
-The more books people read, the more active and involved they are in their communities.
-Book buying constitutes less than 6% of total recreational spending while spending on music, videos, computers, and software constitutes roughly 25%.
1. Read a book you’ve never read before. If you don’t have one on your shelf, go to the library or local bookstore or order one online.
2. Join a book club or start one with your friends or co-workers.
3. Give books to people as gifts.
This one is a no brainer for me. I love to read, as you know, if you regularly read my blog. I am in a book club that meets once a month, so I am definately in the 1 in 6 who read 12 books a year. I read many more than that. I love to read and want to show a good example and share my love of reading with our children. I made reading a requirement for this summer and was pleased that each of the boys read 5 chapter books this summer. I know other kids who have read much more, but for my boys who like to be outside and with our busy schedule I was very proud. Reading is exercising the brain and the benefits include improved language skills, vocabulary, and spelling as well as opening your mind to new ideas, perspectives, and information. Take time out to read today, read to your children, read to a person in the nursing home, read a fiction novel, read a non-fiction book…it doesn’t matter. Read what you enjoy!
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