This week started Sunday night with my middle child running a high fever! Monday he continued to run the fever and started throwing up. School also got out early that day for a snow storm. Then we had a late start on Tuesday and took my son to the Dr (he had strep throat). Wednesday there was no school due to another snow storm. Now today there was no school due to the severe cold. Our thermometer showed -27 degrees this morning. So, after just letting the kids play and wear out the batteries on the Leapster yesterday…today I decided to get more creative. Here are some photos of the snow outside our home and the kids painting their masterpieces.
Who knows what tomorrow will bring for weather, but what I do know is that the kids are going to Grandpa and Grandma’s for the weekend! It will be a well-deserved kid free weekend! I can’t wait!

I also bundled up and walked down our street to get our mail. Brrrr! The only part exposed were my eyes and they were burning from the cold! The fun part is that in the mail were magazine! YAY! I LOVE magazines. I love that you can flip through, read front to back, or just look at the pictures. I receive too many magazines and sometimes it takes a couple of months for me to get through them, but I always do. Today I received one of my favorites…Hallmark Magazine. I can’t wait to suggle up this afternoon with a cup of coffee and go through it. This is one that I ususally read front to back!
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