Today our baby turned four years old. It is hard for me to believe four years have gone by. She is my miracle baby as I talked about in a previous post in November. I dreamed of having a girl, and she is all I ever dreamed of and more. Yesterday we had a great day of celebrating with family and today we celebrated by going to church and then just hanging out at home together. We gave her a beautiful long nightgown (reminds me of Laura Ingalls) as you see in the photo above. She was also very excited about her Leapster 2. This way she can play video games just like her big brothers. Then tonight she picked our movie, “Sleeping Beauty” along with popcorn, brownies and ice cream! A well balanced meal wouldn’t you say? Even though she loves her mommy, she is definately a daddy’s girl and as much as I hate to admit it, will always choose her daddy first. She loves music and can frequently be found singing and dancing along to one of her CD’s. I am just so proud of my little girl and am looking forward to watching her grow up into a beautiful young woman…just not anytime soon!

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