I was proud to attend the Veteran’s Day program at our school this morning. We have gone every year since the boys were in school since they sing at the program. It is always a moving experience for me. Sometimes it is the songs that are sung, the speech that is given or the sight of all the elementary children waving flags. This year it was when the band was playing each of the Armed Forces individual songs. As each one was played, the veterans in the audience were to stand during their branches song. During the Air Force song, I noticed an elderly gentleman standing proudly and singing along to his song. I looked over to my sister-in-law to make sure she saw it too, and then the tears welled up in my eyes. Many years later, he is still obviously proud of his service and I am grateful for his service as well.

My father is a veteran of the Korean War as a member of the Army. He never wants to talk about it much and that is ok with me. Our son had to write a letter to a veteran for a school assignment. So, he wrote a letter to Grandpa B thanking him for his service to our country and for being brave for fighting in the Korean War. My dad received the letter this weekend and on Sunday he proudly showed it to us… in a frame. He was very surprised to receive the letter and I know will he was glad to be honored in that way.

I remember as a “tween” I went with my parents to Colorado Springs to the Air Force Academy. My cousin, Jamie, was graduating from the Air Force and were invited to be his guests. That weekend is something I won’t forget. The patriotism, the music, the formality of the event are still clear in my mind. At the end of the ceremony, the graduates all threw their caps and I even got one of the caps that day!

Who knows what the future holds for our children, but I know I appreciate the freedoms they have now and the freedoms our service men and women are fighting to keep. Who knows if any of the kids will be interested in the military, but if they are, I will be one proud military mom! God Bless America and God watch over our service men and women!
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