My motivation for moms today stated…Smile often and let kindness be a cloak you wear as an example to your children. I needed to hear that today. I used to have a saying, “Smile at everyone you meet” and I truly tried to live by that. Sadly I think I have gotten away from it. The motivation was a reminder for me that I need to do that again. You never know what kind of day the cashier at Target, or your daycare provider, or the bus driver, or your spouse, or the lady on the sidewalk, etc is having and your smile might just be enough to brighten their morning or their whole day. Another great quote I think about often is…In one minute I can change my attitude, and in that one minute I can change my entire day. So, as you go about the busyness of your life and as you interact with those around you…make sure there is a smile on your face and who knows it may change your attitude as well as the person next to you. What a great example you can lead for your child and those around you!

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