Tomorrow is our last day of summer as the kids go back to school on Thursday. As I look back at our summer I marvel at how fast it went and all we were able to squeeze in to do. I am breathing that “back to school” sigh of relief. The boys are bored with each other, Reagan is tired of sharing my time with them, and I can’t believe they are going to 2nd and 3rd grade! I can congratulate myself on surviving another summer full of fun, sibling squabbles, neighborhood impromptu playdates (with wine for the moms), neighborhood “porch Fridays/Wednesdays/Thursdays (frankly any day of the week) with MORE wine, late nights, late mornings, an awesome vacation to Tennessee, a trip to the Omaha zoo, and many great family gatherings! Did I mention the wine??? Anyway, I love summer and the chance to experience new things with the kids. Of course we don’t get everything accomplished that I had hoped, but the point is to make memories and have fun and that I can definately cross off my list. As excited as I am for them to go back to school and for all of us to get back to our regular routine, I know that by winter, that sigh of relief will turn into a twinge of regret and I will be missing them and hoping for summer to get here soon!
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