This story involved Stan and Stinky, twin 4th graders who tend to cause trouble. Their adventures are mostly at school and involve their classmates as well. Stan and especially Stinky are well known for their powerful and smelly gas. In this story, they use their gas in a class project. The boys really enjoyed the story and were eager to get through each chapter. For me, I thought it was a little crude. In our home, we don’t use the words “fart or farting” and these words were used all throughout the book and were a major part of the storyline. As I looked ahead through volume 2 and 3, this is the same theme as well. So, this probably won’t be a series that I will continue to read to the boys, but if they want to pick it up and read it, that will be their choice. It just isn’t a book I would prefer to read to them at bedtime. There are too many great books for kids out there that I don’t want to spend my time reading about kids and their gas!
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