Last week my friend Tammy and I attended the long awaited opening of “Sex and the City” in theaters. We were able to go on opening night along with hundreds of other excited women. For days many news broadcasts stated they were unsure if “women alone” could make a movie a top seller. Ummmm….Yeah! I think so. At the theater we went to, every showing was sold out…women standing in line before being allowed into the theater….some dressed up to fit with the image of those NYC girls (including me!) Obviously the mall wasn’t prepared for the flood of women to converge on their mall. Afterwards, all the bathroom stalls were out of toilet paper! We then went to the great little bar for appetizers and I had to have a martini (dry ice and all). The critics of this movie said it was only about sex, but for me this movie is about relationships and friendships. My favorite line from the movie for me was the counselor asking Miranda and Steve….”Do you love each other enough to put the past behind you and make this work?” Gosh, isn’t that so simple yet so difficult? I have struggled with a few relationships and I have continued to hold on to my bitterness or pride and let them slip away. Did I not love that person enough to make it work? Did I want to be right more than I wanted have them in my life? I am struggling with someone very close to me right now and can see our relationship slipping away. Do I love this person enough to put the past behind us and move forward? Do I value my pride and judgment of her choices more than our relationship? It isn’t easy, but I am working through it and I have to keep asking myself…”Do I love her enough to put the past behind us? Of course this has to be a two way street. For Miranda and Steve, it was meeting at the halfway point of the Brooklyn Bridge if they were willing to move forward. Where is my halfway point? Will she show up if I go? I’ll keep working on it if you’ll keep praying for me. Make your relationships with your family and your friends a priority. You will be rewarded.

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  1. Melanie on June 11, 2008 at 11:21 pm

    Stacie, you bring up an important topic, “where is our halfway point?” It’s so apparent in marriage, friendships, and parenting. I’ve had a few good friends fall to the wayside because I don’t feel they have met me halfway. I like to think that life is short and we should put out time into the people that give us the same enjoyment we give them. But is our family the exception to that rule? What about our kids. Parenting can often be a very one-way street. But the rewards are endless. Watching our children thrive, be healthy, achieve their goals, makes it all worth the time we spend being sure we are good to them. Our own parents watched us do it, and now we can return that favor to them- give them the time they want from us, share with them the joys of their grandchildren. And our spouses- can we have enough time for them too? And also time for ourselves. Life is a balancing act. I think it can be done though- many happy families are that proof that it can be. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Stacie.

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