Today I was lucky enough to spend the day with a great friend. I realized that in August 2008 we will have known each other for 15 years. I didn’t meet Tammy until my junior year in college but feel like I have known here forever. We try to get together as often as we can, usually every couple of months. But, no matter how long it has been we are always able to catch up right where we left off. We do get chances to talk on the phone (usually while one of us is driving), but getting together in person is always the best. Today we actually got together to go back to our college for a retirement reception. We were able to walk around campus together and even go up to the dorm. The smells, the atmosphere, the places all brought me back to those times. I even got a little misty. But, no matter what we do, no matter what happens, I know Tammy will always be there for me and be my friend through it all. I can really picture us as old women still getting together for drinks and talking about the “dramas” in our life and the good times. So, for my friend Tammy, Here’s to you! Thanks for all the good times we have had and for the many more to come! Can’t wait until the 30th! If you have a friend like this in your life, call her up and let her know how much you appreciate her!

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