I recently read the book “Welcome to the Great Mysterious” by Lorna Landvik. There were some parts of the book that I loved so much, I wanted to rewrite them here.

From “Welcome to the Great Mysterious”…
There are many kinds of love and many kinds of true love. Above all and what should be the truest love, is the love of God. Next is the love a mother feels for a child. This love is stronger than any other kind of love because it is a love she would die for. This is not to say true love between a man and a woman is a weaker love; it is only different. There is more choice, free will involved. A mother has no choice when it comes to her children; she loves them, no matter what. The love for a brother, sister, parent, friend can also be true in that feeling of affection and kindheartedness and goodwill and a wish for the best is no lie.

From “Welcome to the Great Mysterious”…
The things that let us see the world also let people see the world in us.

How do people see you? Are you giving them a positive view of the world? Is the world around you glowing? Are your eyes smiling?

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