I have been of a huge fan of Susan Heid, THE CONFIDENT MOM, her blog, her planners, her faith, and her support for several years. I can honestly say she has improved my life as well as several of my friends’ lives through her Weekly Household Planner.  Her 2015 Weekly Household Planner is now available and I highly recommend you click HERE now and get yours!

You didn’t click yet, well let me tell you something even better, the Weekly Household Planner is FREE!!!  Now you can click HERE to get yours!

Still haven’t clicked over? Better yet, this Weekly Household Planner is customizable so you can create your own tasks or edit out what you don’t need, making this planner fit YOUR lifestyle and schedule.  No pets? Take those tasks out. No household plants to water? Remove them from the list of tasks. I’m telling you….click HERE to get yours now!

You can print your planner and place it in a binder. You can print it and have it spiral bound at a place like Staples for less than $5. You can print it week by week and hang it next to your calendar. You can also download it to your iPad or Kindle if you prefer a paperless version. It couldn’t be any simpler. Get yours HERE.

If you want more, for just $6 you can purchase the Supplement to the Weekly Household Planner. With this you get:

  • Master Family Planner
  • Special Occasion Calendar/Gift Planner
  • Holiday Gift Planner
  • Babysitter Information Sheet
  • Quick Contacts
  • Family Emergency/Medical Information Form
  • Website/App List
  • Account Keeper
  • Household Maintenance Log (NEW this year)
  • Special Occasion Reminder Chart (NEW this year)
  • Gifts Received List (NEW this year)
  • Let’s Plan a Party Form (Updated)
  • Blessings for Your Home (NEW this year)
  • Weekly Menu Planner/Shopping List (Updated)
  • Bible Bookmarks

This is a HUGE value for just $6 along with the FREE Weekly Household Planner. You won’t find any other planner with all these resources for this price! Click HERE to get your planner, NOW! Don’t delay! Get started on organizing your home and your life right away!

You deserve the feeling of accomplishment at the end of each day. With this planner, you will see results. Being organized helps you feel better, gives you confidence, and accomplishing tasks gives you the sense that in the crazy days of mommyland, even if you didn’t get to take a shower, you still accomplished something!

I really love this planner. I am affiliate, but even if I wasn’t, I’d still tell you about it. 

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