Scenes From Our Week – Weeks 41 and 42

Many of you know my mom has been sick.  In mid-April, she went to the ER for diarrhea that couldn’t be controlled and left finding out she had a mass the size of an orange that was on her lung.  Three months and multiple doctor appointments, labs, x-rays, CT scans, PET scans, and retelling her medical history a gazillion times, she had surgery to remove the mass.  Once the surgeon got in there, they found it wasn’t really on her lung, but behind it, attached to the chest wall, which was a much better option.  Her lung didn’t have to be removed which shorted her recovery time.  
After spending 4 days at the hospital with my mom, writing down everything in a notebook, chatting with family, and getting very little sleep, we dropped off my mom at the hospital near their home for her to stay and receive skilled care for a week. 

This week has been busy catching up from being gone last week, 
shuttling Reagan to swim lessons and the boys to basketball camp,  
preparing to celebrate and then finally, celebrating Bennett’s 11th birthday. 
 Bennett is looking pretty cool in his new Pittsburgh Steeler Sunglasses.
 We can fit a lot of family on the porch!  

Happy Birthday Bennett!!!

There are less than 30 days of summer left before we go back to school.   Part of those days will be a vacation, part will include school shopping, and the rest will have to be some of the items we still want to do.   We will definitely have to prioritize and just enjoy the time we have left.  
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