Family Time February – Name 5

During the month of February, I am featuring games that our family has enjoyed over the years.  February is a great time of year to get cozy with your family and play some games.  I guarantee there will be lots of laughs and memories made.  

NAME 5 is a game we got as a gift this Christmas.  We have played it several times and had a blast each time.  This game is a little tough for our 7 year old, but the boys do ok, if teamed up with a parent. It states it is for those ages 12 and up and for 2 or more players or teams.  Some categories are easier than others and so it will just depend on your child.  This would be great for two couples or for an adult party. 

The game has categories like naming 5 Tom Hank’s movies, 5 things that cause a person to sneeze, 5 TV Dads, 5 Vegetables beginning with “A”, 5 Tina Turner songs,  5 pizza toppings, or 5 video games.  Then you have a certain amount of time to answer 5 things in the specific category to be able to continue on with your turn.  If you don’t, it is the next team’s turn.  Sometimes you are playing alone and other times you are competing against the clock with the other team.  It really is harder than you think for some of the categories. 

NAME 5 is a product of ENDLESS GAMES and can be purchsed HERE for $22.99 or at Amazon HERE for $15.73.  It is also available at your local discount stores. 

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