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This is my feature where I get to share something that I just love. Since you are my friends, I like sharing things I love with others. It could be anything from a new product, food, recipe, song, image, to a person and everything in between. This will be something I am completely doing on my own, without pressure or compensation from a company, author, PR/Marketing firm, friend, business owner, etc. This will just be something that makes me happy and I want to share it with you. Enjoy some love!

Today’s love is…………………………………………Instagram
If you have an iPhone, iPod touch 4G, or an iPad2 this is an app you must get.  I don’t know if it is available in the Droid world or not.  I do know that it is not available for Blackberry. 
The Instagram App takes a photo that you have taken and gives it a new hue.  Maybe it makes it black and white, or pops the colors, or gives it that 1977 photo look.  Then it allows you to share that photo in their feed as well as on Twitter, Facebook, or emailing it to someone.  I’m sure on the iPhone you could also text it, but can’t say for sure.
It is just fun to play around with different photos and change them up. It is also neat to take a photo and see how the diferent hues will give it a different look. The Instagram App is free, so if you like snapping photos with your iPhone or iPod, this is the App to get!!! If you are on Instagram and want to follow me I am Staciele.  I’d love you follow you too.  You can spend lots of time looking at everyone’s awesome photos in the Instagram Feed.  Here are some of my favorites that I have taken and messed with on Instagram. Enjoy! 

Reagan making Amish Friendship Bread

Just a regular sunset, but then putting a different hue – gave it this awesome sunset heart!

Some of my first flowers this spring!

Reagan playing a mean game of dominoes

Another gorgeous Iowa sunset

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