“The joy that you give to others is the joy that comes back to you.” E.B. White

If you have run out of time and didn’t get all your Christmas shopping done, the best gift you can give is yourself. Give someone a gift of your time, your attention, your ear, your heart, your shoulder, your hand. This will be a gift remembered long after they open that scarf or kitchen utensil. It is a gift of you. If you are creative…make a little certificate on paper and state what you are giving to that person. Does your friend need a day off, so you are going to give her a few hours of babysitting her children? Does your mom need some help cleaning out a closet? Does your sister need a night out for dinner? Does your neighbor need a meal delivered to her door? All of these ideas will cost you little more than your time and effort and what better a gift is that?

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