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Book Review: The Storyteller By Jodi Picoult

THE STORYTELLER By: Jodi Picoult Published: February 26, 2013 Sage Singer befriends an old man who’s particularly beloved in her community. Josef Weber is everyone’s favorite retired teacher and Little League coach. They strike up a friendship at the bakery where Sage works. One day he asks Sage for a favor: to kill him. Shocked,…
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Book Review: Sweet Salt Air By Barbara Delinsky

SWEET SALT AIR By: Barbara Delinsky To Be Published:  June 18, 2013 Charlotte and Nicole were once the best of friends, spending summers together in Nicole’s coastal island house off of Maine. But many years, and many secrets, have kept the women apart. A successful travel writer, single Charlotte lives on the road, while Nicole,…
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Book Review: The Kitchen House By Kathleen Grissom

THE KITCHEN HOUSE By: Kathleen Grissom Published:  February 2, 2010 ***** When a white servant girl violates the order of plantation society, she unleashes a tragedy that exposes the worst and best in the people she has come to call her family. Orphaned while on board a ship from Ireland, seven-year-old Lavinia arrives on the…
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Book Review: The End of Your Life Book Club By Will Schwalbe

THE END OF YOUR LIFE BOOK CLUB By:  Will Schwalbe Published:  October 2, 2012 **** “What are you reading?”That’s the question Will Schwalbe asks his mother, Mary Anne, as they sit in the waiting room of the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. In 2007, Mary Anne returned from a humanitarian trip to Pakistan and Afghanistan suffering…
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My Favorite Reads This Year

I really wanted to do more reading this year and I was able to reach my reading goal of 40 books and beyond.  This year I read 48 books and am almost done with 2 others!  That figures up to four books/month!  I think that is pretty good for me!  The books I read were…
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Books I Read in Florida

Since we had such a LOOOONG drive to Florida and plenty of down time this last week, I was able to get TWO BOOKS read in one week!  Maybe I need to take more vacations so I can get caught up on all my reading!!! THE HUNGER GAMES  (THE HUNGER GAMES #1) By Suzanne Collins…
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Book Review: Little Bee by Chris Cleave

LITTLE BEE By Chris Cleave Published February 10, 2009 ***** WE DON’T WANT TO TELL YOU TOO MUCH ABOUT THIS BOOK.It is a truly special story and we don’t want to spoil it.  Nevertheless, you need to know something, so we will just say this: This is the story of two women: Their lives collide…
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Book Review: On Strike For Christmas by Sheila Roberts

ON STRIKE FOR CHRISTMAS By Sheila Roberts Published October 30, 2007 3.5 out of 5 Stars At Christmastime, it seems as though a woman’s work is never done. Trimming the tree, mailing the cards, schlepping to the mall, the endless wrapping–bah humbug! So this year, Joy and Laura and the rest of their knitting group…
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Book Review: THE ART OF RACING IN THE RAIN By Garth Stein

THE ART OF RACING IN THE RAIN By: Garth Stein Published: May 5, 2008 Enzo knows he is different from other dogs: a philosopher with a nearly human soul (and an obsession with opposable thumbs), he has educated himself by watching television extensively, and by listening very closely to the words of his master, Denny…
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THE IMMORTAL LIFE OF HENRIETTA LACKS By:  Rebecca Skloot Published:  February 2, 2010 Non-Fiction Her name was Henrietta Lacks, but scientists know her as HeLa. She was a poor Southern tobacco farmer who worked the same land as her slave ancestors, yet her cells—taken without her knowledge—became one of the most important tools in medicine.…
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