A 21-Day Plan for Weight Loss and Good Health

By: Laura Burak, MS RD CDN

Published: June 30, 2020

Publisher: Rockridge Press


I love smoothies and am always looking for new ideas and ingredients for my smoothies. I love how easy it is to change up the flavors from day to day and how filling they are. Smoothies are a great meal replacement. I like to have my smoothie later morning. I’m don’t usually eat breakfast and just have a cup of coffee in the morning. Then around 9:00 or 10:00, I love having a smoothie. That will usually hold me over until afternoon when I can have a small snack before dinner.

In Burak’s book, she outlines ways to eat healthier, including replacing one meal a day with a smoothie. She offers a 21-day program with plenty of smoothie options to fit all taste and flavor needs.

Some of the smoothies have just a few ingredients, like the Hot Pink Power, or several ingredients like Everything But the…. But what I liked the most was all of the smoothies were under 300 calories and many of them in the low 200 calories or even higher 100 calorie range. But, the best part is they are still filling. Burak offers all kinds of substitute options if you are out of specific ingredients with each smoothie having a liquid like almond or coconut milk, fruit and/or veggies, a filler like nut butter, protein powder, or collagen powder (if you choose), and seeds like hemp, chia, or flax. The best part is you can add or change up your smoothie however you want. But, her recipes are ones you should definitely try. I already have a lot of favorites.

The book also offers options for appliances to make your smoothies. I use a magic bullet or my blender if I want to make a double batch. You just need something strong enough to blend up the frozen fruit and get all the ingredients immersed together.

My favorite part about smoothies, especially when our kids were little, is the ability to “hide” certain ingredients. Not a fan of kale, but want the nutritious benefits of it? Add it to your smoothie and you’ll never taste it. There is also the opportunity to always add something extra. Her Extra, Extra! page offers all kinds of ideas for extras, like spices, extracts, and superfood powders. I typically add a scoop of chia seeds and flax seeds to every smoothie for extra benefits.

I also loved the ideas Burak offers for healthy snacks. It’s easier to eat healthy if you have ideas like apples and nut butter, whole-grain crackers and hummus, or pear and string cheese right in front of you.

Each week offers a shopping list of all the smoothie ingredients for that week. Then each recipe offers a journal of sorts to log your sleep, water intake, and exercise. Not every smoothie recipe includes a photo but the photos she does include are amazing and appetizing.

If you are looking for ways to add smoothies to your meal rotation or want some new recipes to change up your smoothie plan, this is the book for you. From fruity to chocolate to veggie there is really something for everyone.

Hot Pink Power – Laura Burak

200 Calories per serving/ 2 servings

1 cup Coconut Milk

1 cup Frozen Pineapple

3/4 Cup Plain Low-Fat Greek Yogurt

1-3.5 oz packet Frozen Dragon Fruit

In a blender, combine all ingredients and blend until the desired consistency is achieved. Add more liquid as needed. Serve immediately.

Slim Down with Smoothies – Laura Burak

LAURA BURAK, MS, RD, CDN, has more than 16 years of experience as a registered dietitian and licensed nutritionist. She teaches clients to appreciate the power of food on their health―without ever sacrificing a fun and fulfilling life. Laura is the founder and president of Laura Burak Nutrition, a private practice and consulting business. She is a mother to two children who love challenging her encouragement of green foods.

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