Clemence Dupont

Children’s Book Review: A Brief History of Life on Earth By Clemence Dupont

A BRIEF HISTORY OF LIFE ON EARTH By: Clemence Dupont Published: April 9, 2019 Publisher: Prestel Junior Non-Fiction This unique book begins at the very beginning of Earth, over 4 billion years ago. The opening picture shows the earth as an ocean of lava with volcanos all around. This age is aptly named the Hadean…
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Books that Came My Way in March 2019

This is my monthly roundup of books that were added to my shelves in the last month. I also share an update with you on other things going on in my life. Bennett and Reagan performed in their last band concert together. So many lasts will be happening in the next two months for Bennett.…
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Stacie's read-in-2020 book montage

The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek
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