A Collection of Poetry

Illustrated by: Lucy Dean

By: Gabrielle Yetter

Published: September 30, 2022


4 stars

I am not someone who typically chooses to read poetry. I sometimes feel like poetry is over my head or I’m not “creative and artsy” enough to understand poetry. But, when author Gabrielle Yetter approached me about reading her poetry collection written during the lockdown related to COVID I was intrigued. I had previously read and reviewed her book, Whisper of the Lotus, a story of a young woman who travels to Cambodia to see a friend, revealing a whole new mystery about her life.

This poetry collection came from Yetter’s observations during the lockdown, the loneliness in others, the desperation, and how people attempted to adjust to a new normal. The collection is short, with just 30 poems, but they are honest and full of emotion. I read this collection right at the end of the year and it also offered an opportunity for reflection, especially in regard to my relationships with others and how I see people in my everyday experiences.

“Days crawl by like molasses

Dragging her

With agonizing listlessness,

One excruciating minute to the next

From a world that used to exist

To one that vanished beneath a blanket of gloomy fog.

The day he went.”

Gabrielle Yetter, “Empty Days” from AND THE CLOUDS PARTED

The poems are lyrical, full of emotion, honest, and real, and evoke images of our own struggles during times of loneliness and isolation. Each poem connected with me in some way and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the lyrical way of writing. It reminded me a bit of writing a story in six words…saying so much in just a few words and I think that is what Yetter has done. She has packed a story, full of emotion, into just a few sentences and yet evokes a wide range of emotions and thoughtfulness.

I am glad Yetter encouraged me to give her poetry collection a try and it may have just sparked a renewed interest in poetry.

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