A High-Contrast Fold-Out Book with Mirror

By: Mama Makes Books

Published: March 1, 2022

Publisher: Red Comet Press


When our kids were babies, one of our favorite books to read them was a board book that had a baby’s face on each page with a different emotion. Babies love looking at themselves or at other babies. Since they also see high contrast colors best at a young age, this interactive board book makes an excellent choice for early reading with a baby.

One side of each panel of the fold-out book shows an adorable baby or a mirror for your own adorable baby and has an action for you to teach your baby. Touch your nose, kiss, or peekaboo are examples. Then you can flip the book over and find high-contrast images and patterns that are good for eye development in babies.

The book folds back up easily and tucks into a nice little pocket which makes this great for tucking in the diaper bag and pulling out while waiting at the doctor’s office, while in church, or waiting in the grocery check out.

Interactive board books are favorites among babies and toddlers and this one is perfect for babies 0-1 year old. Since it has a fold-out feature, set it out in front of your baby during tummy time and they will want to use those neck and arm muscles to look up at these fun images. As they get older and can sit in high chairs, set this book up on the tray while you are preparing your food.

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