By: Antonella Abbatiello

Published: March 15, 2022

Publisher: Red Comet Press


Is your child wishing their something different, wasn’t so different from everyone else? Does your child need a reminder of why we are all different and should celebrate our uniqueness? This fun lesson on animals believing their specific characteristic is the most important thing reminds us all to appreciate what makes each of us special.

A lively conversation begins among the animals about “the most important thing to have”. A rabbit suggests long ears to hear tiny sounds. A hedgehog declares quills for protection and safety. A giraffe thinks it is long necks to get those tasty leaves on tall trees.

Once an important thing is suggested, the page folds out to an image of the animals with that important thing. A lion with a long neck, a zebra with long ears, a turtle with quills, and more silly examples are shared. Then the wise old owl comes along and suggests something completely different reminding all the animals they each have something unique and important.

The text includes repetition so kids will be able to read along with you, likely after the first reading. That repetition then allows them to begin to recognize words on the page. Kids will giggle at illustrations of animals with new features, especially the page where the frog thinks all the animals should be green! The pages of the book are of a heavier quality to stand up to folding out the pages by young readers. Read this book with your child and discuss what makes them special and unique.

Watch the video for a peek inside THE MOST IMPORTANT THING:

THE MOST IMPORTANT THING received a UNESCO Literary Prize Honorable Mention for Peace and Tolerance.

Antonella Abbatiello is an Italian illustrator and graduate of the Rome Academy of Fine Arts. She has illustrated more than ninety children’s books, many of which she has written and illustrated herself. Her work has been published by all the major Italian publishing houses and her books have been translated and published in over 20 countries around the world. She has also collaborated on a number of cartoon films, including three by children’s author/illustrator Leo Lionni. Born in Scandicci (Florence), she lives and works in Rome. Visit her website, HERE.

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