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Third Edition

Published: September 8, 2020

Publisher: National Geographic Kids


Your elementary-aged kids can learn all about the 50 states in this comprehensive atlas written just for younger kids. The book begins with explaining how to use and read maps. It then explains the various landscapes and people of our great country. Then the book is divided into five regions. Each region is given an introduction and then each state is given its own two-page spread.

Of course, the photography is amazing. The photo of the American Falls over the Niagara River introducing The Northeast region is spectacular. Each state page features their land and water, the day it became a state, their people and places, and a few fun facts. The state flag, state flower and state bird are also featured.

I have to feature the great state of Iowa. Even though our town isn’t featured on the map (no surprise since our population is just shy of 700), it does mention our National Monument, Effigy Mounds, which I grew up visiting several times as a child.

The information on the pages isn’t overwhelming for young kids and the photos will definitely draw them in. They could do their own research on how many states have the mockingbird as their state bird, or which state has the largest population. This is a great introduction to an atlas and if your child is learning at home right now, an atlas can be an excellent resource to go alongside a social studies curriculum.

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Sixth Edition

Published: September 8, 2020

Publisher: National Geographic Kids


This atlas is written for middle-grade readers looking for more details about our great country. There are plenty of maps and more in-depth articles about the people, culture, and places that make each state so wonderful. Kids will also learn the state flags, state bird, the population with racial and ethnic groups percentages, and lots of fun facts.

Focusing first on the five regions, readers are given highlights or well-known places and what makes that region unique. The State of Iowa page shares important history including Native Americans and German immigrants that established many of our communities. Of course, the agriculture of our state is given much focus. The annual bike ride across the state, RAGBRAI, is featured as well.

The back of the book offers lots of statistical facts and figures as well as a glossary of terms. Parents of kids that are homeschooling or learning from home will appreciate this resource in their home library.

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