In Dog We Trust


Black Dog Bay #5

By: Beth Kendrick

Published: January 8, 2019

Publisher: Berkley

Fiction/Contemporary Fiction

4 stars

The fifth book in the Black Dog Bay series set in the idyllic town of Black Dog Bay, Delaware is just as delightful as the others, if not more so. Kendrick brings back some of the previous characters in their business owner roles and introduces us to long-time residents and not tourists in this book. Residents Jocelyn and Bree have lived in Black Dog Bay their whole life and watched it become a “tourist trap” catering to women who have been jilted by lovers, at the altar, or in long-term relationships. The town’s businesses all have a theme around destroyed relationships like The Whinery, The Naked Finger, or Jilted Cafe. But Jocelyn, her mother Rachel, and Bree are not part of the higher class of Black Dog Bay. They are part of the businesses that cater, in a way, to the tourists who flock to their town….the clean-up crew.

Everything changes for Jocelyn when she saves the local millionaire’s dog from sure death and she immediately becomes his dogs’ babysitter. When he dies unexpectedly and names her as guardian of the dogs and in turn in charge of his finances, her life is turned upside down. The scorned son, Liam, isn’t too happy with his willed item and begins to make life difficult for Jocelyn. If he wasn’t so charmingly handsome, she would be more likely to call the police rather than invite him into his father’s, AKA now HER home.

As the battle over custody of the dogs and the house ensues, Jocelyn begins to learn what she really wants out of life. Her friend, Bree and her mom begin to break out of their shells and explore new adventures and Jocelyn decides it might not be a bad idea if she doesn’t look for new opportunities as well, as long as she can keep the dogs.

Jocelyn and Bree are likable and realistic characters that you feel like you could be friends with. The dilemmas they face due to income and social class while living and working next to some of the wealthiest people visiting in their community are obvious. I think Kendrick’s predicaments and attitudes were spot on and hopefully will make some of us think differently when we stay in a resort or rent a house on the next vacation.

As in Kendrick’s other books, there is a lightness to her stories that absolutely puts a smile on your face. The romances are flirty, but nothing you couldn’t let your grandma read. Even if you haven’t read the other books in this series, you won’t be lost as each of them stands alone, introducing new characters in a familiar place. But, I highly recommend enjoying each of the stories set in Black Dog Bay, Delaware.  This is the kind of book that will put you in a good mood and may just send you running to your nearest shelter to adopt a dog or make sure your own pets are taken care of in your will.


Beth Kendrick

Beth Kendrick – source

Beth Kendrick is the author of THE WEEK BEFORE THE WEDDING, THE LUCKY DOG MATCHMAKING SERVICE, AND NEARLYWEDS, which was turned into a Hallmark Channel original movie. Although she lives in Arizona, she loves to vacation at the Delaware shore, where she brakes for turtles, eats boardwalk fries, and wishes that the Whinery really existed. For more on Beth Kendrick, check out her website, HERE. You can also find her on Facebook, HERE, and Twitter, HERE.

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