Bout of Books 23


Yesterday was Day 3 for Bout of Books, a week-long readathon focused on reading more books.  If you missed my first post featuring the books I’m hoping to read this week, click HERE.

stack of books

Well, I also had a day that didn’t go as planned again. That seems to be the theme this time around. I read a bit on my porch and listened to the audiobook while getting ready for the day. But, I was also doing laundry and other computer/housework. Then in the afternoon, I got a dizzy spell and spent a good chunk of the rest of the day resting. I’m thinking I need to see the doctor as these are happening more frequently.

Day 1 Update

Day 2 Update

Day 3 Reading


GOOD APPLES – 2 Chapters

I did not participate in the Daily challenge of Literary Villian.

I did participate in the Instagram Photo Challenge of Book Spine Poetry.

Book Spine Poetry

First a romantic poem:

At first sight,

Love walked in,

Skipping a beat.

All he ever wanted.

Book Spine Poetry - Mystery

Then a more mysterious one:

By the time you read this,

She’s come undone.

Silence for the dead.

It’s always the husband.

The unquiet grave.


Today is Day 4 and unfortunately, I will be away from home all day for a family funeral. I believe the Daily Challenge today is Book Trip which was the challenge idea I submitted. So, I”m hoping I can contribute to the challenge once I get home. Tomorrow is also the first day of school for our senior and 8th grader, so I want to be sure I spend time with them after I get home as well.

Sometimes our grand ideas for reading don’t always play out as we had hoped. I won’t get all the books read that I had hoped, but I’m sharing my love of reading with all of you and encouraging others. That’s what is important! Happy reading everyone!


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  1. Pragya on August 23, 2018 at 4:15 pm

    Love your challenge idea. Your romantic book spine poetry is amazing! Those look some real good books. Enjoy!

  2. Lisa @ Captivated Reader on August 23, 2018 at 5:20 pm

    Love your spine poetry!! I didn’t create any poems yesterday.

    Good luck with your reading goals for the rest of BOB 23!

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