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By: Michelle Schlicher

Published: September 14, 2017

Publisher: Michelle Schlicher


I wasn’t sure what to expect from Iowa author Michelle Schlicher’s newest book. The synopsis doesn’t tell the reader much about the story and you go in a little blind. But, since I had read one of Schlicher’s previous books GRACIE’S SONG, I was confident I would like it.

Going into this story blind is just what you need to do. Let the story evolve for you through the way Holiday tells her story. As you flip back in forth from the past to the present you get an idea of the person Holiday Sanchez is and that she is deeply hurting. But, you don’t know why. I want the story to open up for you the way it did for me. It was emotionally draining at times to read and yet hopeful, sad and yet, joyful. The circumstances of the story are unique and one I’ve never read before.

The author handles Holiday’s emotions so delicately that rather than pity her, you feel the emotions right along with her. The descriptions of Holiday’s anxiety and panic attacks offer the reader a very realistic portrait of those who suffer from this often-times debilitating disorder. But, watching Holiday emerge from her pain and loneliness brought out some strong emotions in me while reading.

Milo is a wonderful character and brings an interesting twist to the story that made the pages much less dreary. His patience with Holiday, his humor, and tenderness are just what she needs. As their relationship grows and she begins to trust him, I couldn’t stop rooting for them.

I truly don’t want to say any more about the story or its characters and risk exposing any special parts of this novel (and there were many). Instead, I want you to know this story of a young woman healing after a tragic past will uplift you. Will you need tissues close by? Yes, but the emotions are the good kind and will leave your heart feeling full. It will also remind you to look for those small moments of magic in your life.

Favorite Quotes:

“I am far too gone, folded into myself like a chrysalis. 
If only I could wake up as something new, 
something more beautiful, something less broken.”

“My newfound courage comes and goes. 
But the want, the need, is now embedded deep inside me. 
I want to be braver. I want to live larger. 
I want to see all that I ‘ve failed to see, to do all that I’ve failed to do.”

Michelle Schlicher – source

MICHELLE SCHLICHER is the author of the novels The Blue JayGracie’s Song and Come This Way. She lives outside of Des Moines with her husband, two children, two fluffy dogs and a cat that followed her home to become a prince. For more information, check out her website, HERE. Check out all her books, HERE

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