300 Wacky Facts about Awesome Athletics

Published: May 17, 2016

Publisher: National Geographic Kids


Our kids LOVED these books when they were younger. I can also attest that these are the most beat up well-loved books in the elementary classrooms I teach in. Kids love looking for the weirdest, most off-the-wall thing and showing their friends over and over again. Honestly, I’ve never looked through one myself, although I’m sure, over the years, the kids have shown me pages from their books.

This book in particular shares facts and stories related to athletics and organized sports. The graphics pop on the pages and are easy for kids to read and the photos are, of course, National Geographic quality. Some of the craziest info you can imagine about sports is inside this little book. At less than 7 inches square, this is an easy book to tuck in your purse for those long waits in the doctor’s office or in your child’s backpack for the bus ride to school.  They have even included Olympic trivia to keep your kids excited about the Olympics after it’s over.

After climbing to the top of the CN Tower in Toronto, Canada, this summer (by elevator) I was shocked by the fact that someone used a pogo stick to climb the 1,899 steps in less than an hour.  I also thought it was hilarious that a football player threw a Hail Mary pass that was caught by a nun! Since I’ve joined a bowling league, I’ve always wondered where the term “turkey” came from. I had no idea it was because people used to actually get live birds when they got three strikes in a row. Did you happen to watch any of the gymnastics competitions this year on the Olympics? Did you know the balance beam is only four inches wide? I could barely walk across it, let alone do flips on it.

As you can see, parents and kids alike will find this book fun to read. I’ll be keeping this one in my school bag for a good behavior incentive and time filler. I do have to leave you with one last book tease….did you know four of our former Presidents were once cheerleaders? I think you’d be surprised to find out which ones.

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If you’d like to purchase Weird but True! Sports, click the photo below:

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