My message to you today is……………………………………….

May this weekend remind you 
of the great miracle of Jesus’s resurrection. 
His death on the cross 
was for you and me and everyone who believes 
that by his death, we have been forgiven. 
By his life, we are saved. 
Just believing that He is your Savior is enough. 
You are enough. 
No works, no good deeds, no money exchanged….
just your faith in His grace 
and knowing in your heart 
that he died for YOU…is enough. 
You are enough. 
You are saved by grace through faith in Him.
Take some silent time this weekend 
to acknowledge this amazing gift we have been given. 
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  1. bermudaonion on March 27, 2016 at 12:30 am

    Happy Easter!

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