The most important person in a child’s life besides a parent/grandparent/guardian is a teacher. Teachers spend the majority of the day with your child. Teachers are introducing concepts to your child beyond reading and math, like social skills, time management, and hard work. Those skills are just as important as anything they will learn in a textbook.

Teachers may technically work in the classroom from 8-3:30, but they are showing up at school an hour before the day begins and staying hours later to make sure everything is ready for another day. Especially, in the secondary setting, teachers will often stay to attend sporting events and extra-curricular activities to support their students and get to know them on another level. Teachers will call parents at home in the evening, grade papers until their eyes no longer stay open, buy books and supplies from their own bank account…all because they love teaching and care about your kids.

Since I work as a substitute teacher, I see many teachers who go above and beyond their duties every single day. They are the teachers that kids respect and appreciate. They are the teachers who have a passion for teaching. They are the teachers who find a way to relate to the students and get kids excited about learning.

I think if each of us take a moment to think about that one teacher who made learning fun, who made time for us, and who truly cared about our lives, you will find that teacher left a great impression on you and your learning. I have several favorite teachers from my school years. As a parent, I have several teachers who I personally saw go above and beyond for our kids. I saw their passion. I witnessed their long hours and dedication to their school and community. Those are the teachers I’m truly thankful were part of our kids education.

Today I’m joining with Grammarly to recognize and appreciate those wonderful teachers. Grammarly has designed this awesome graphic to share about the great things teachers do for us. Grammarly is a website that can be helpful to students, parents, and teachers. For more about their services, check out their website, HERE.

If you can, I highly recommend taking a few moments today to send a note, make a phone call, drop off some cookies, send some flowers, or get a gift card, to thank a teacher today. Whether it is one from your past or from your child’s, take the time to thank them for their dedication, their hard work, and their passion for education.

World Teacher Day

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