I purchased the book, The 52 Lists Project for my 43rd birthday. The book focuses on weekly journaling based on lists.  I love making lists and thought this sounded like a great way to remember a year. I plan to complete  a list every week for this next year. Even though the journal begins in Winter with Week 1, I started my list during Fall with Week 40. So, I’ll be moving through the book a bit backwards, which is hard for my organized brain, but I didn’t want to be writing about winter topics in spring or summer in winter.

I’ll be sharing my lists here, hopefully one a week. To see my previous lists, click on the tag 52 Lists Project at the bottom of this post.  It’s my hope that by sharing my lists, you’ll get to know me a bit better and maybe be reminded of something that brings you joy!  Some weeks the topics may be too personal to share completely on here, but I’ll at least tell you about the lists and some of the things on it. 

At the end of each list, the author offers an idea to expand on that week’s list. This week’s list is THINGS THAT MAKE YOU FEEL PEACEFUL and her action plan is take a few hours or a whole day completely away from technology to instead do something by yourself that makes you feel calm and at peace. Even though I can’t commit a full day to some of these things, I can do some of them at some point. Just Sunday, I was able to wake up to no alarm and that was such a peaceful way to start my morning.
If you are interested in learning more about THE 52 LISTS PROJECT, click HERE to be taken to the author’s website. You can also purchase the book, HERE.

Sitting on the porch listening to the birds
Crawling into bed after a long, exhausting day
Going to bed knowing I don’t have to set the alarm
Listening to my favorite hymns
Spending time in God’s Word
Being on the beach, listening to the waves
Hugs from my kids
Snuggling with my husband
A completely finished To-Do List
Going “Home” to my parents
Watching a favorite movie

A Perfectly Peaceful Day

Awake to no alarm
Drink coffee leisurely on the porch while the birds sing
Pancakes for breakfast with the kids
Back to the porch to read
Take a walk with a friend
Take a nap
Go out for a leisurely dinner
Popcorn and favorite movie at home
Snuggling with my husband

That sounds like a perfect day in my book! Even though it is too chilly to be on my porch now, I could still add any of these to my day and find a peaceful moment. I hope that you can take time to add some peaceful moments to your week!
If you’d like to purchase THE 52 LISTS PROJECTS and journal with me, click the photo below:

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