Stories 16-18

By: Werner Stejskal

Illustrated by: Maycee Ann Reyes (16-17)
Marvin Alonso (18)

Published: October 28, 2014

Publisher: Amazon Digital Services

Fiction/Children’s Book

eBook Only

Werner Stejskal is very persuasive when it comes to asking for readers to read and review his books. He is obviously proud of his writing and wants to get it in the hands of as many readers as possible. And he is certainly correct in being proud. His stories are quite good and would easily engage children, especially fans of animals and silly stories.

Oliver is a black tomcat and his best friend, Jumpy, is a Kangaroo. Their stories include silly adventures with vivid illustrations to keep even the youngest child interested. These books are only available as an eBook. These eBooks offer a way for you to take these books everywhere you go…on your kindle, smartphone, and tablet.

In story 16, Who Am I, Oliver is taking a nap under a tree when a coconut drops on his head. He wakes up with quite a bump on his head and without any memory of who he is. He asks his fellow forest dwellers, including chickens, a squirrel, and a horse, if he is one of them. He then runs into his best friend, Jumpy. Will Jumpy be able to help Oliver remember who he is?

In story 17, Up the Tree, Oliver decides he wants to climb the big tree. On his way, he runs in to many animals who make their home in the tree. When a storm hits, Oliver climbs even higher and finds a surprise at the very top of the tree.

Photo from Moon Crystal provided by author

In story 18, Moon Crystal, you really need to use your imagination. Oliver and Jumpy have been requested to travel to the moon and do so by riding in a spaceship that is tossed by the friendly giant. Once on the moon, they need to collect moon crystals that are used to make people well. Hopefully, after a few mishaps, Oliver and Jumpy will be able to carry out their task and return home with the crystals.

Out of the three stories, I liked Who Am I the best. Each story uses imagination and silliness along with teaching a lesson. The tales moves quickly using both dialogue and narration. The pictures are vivid and even though they use different illustrators, it is hard to tell the difference.

With over 30 stories in this series, you and your child can read about Oliver and Jumpy for many nights to come.  The stories allow for “pop up text” to make it easier for your early reader to follow along.

All of the eBooks range from free to under $3.00, so it is easy to add a new one to your Kindle library and continue on with the adventures of Oliver and Jumpy.

Werner Stejskal

Born in Vienna, Austria, I am now living in the paradise of Perth, Australia with my wife, two married children and three grandchildren. I worked many years in the printing industry and later for the United Nations in Vienna. My wife had been a pen-friend, whom I visited in Hong Kong and finally got married to. After an eventful life, finally retired, I began to write children’s stories, had them illustrated through Odesk, narrated them myself for YouTube and finally published the ebooks on most platforms. I will publish 17 books with three stories each in English, before translating into several other languages. My dream is to see “Oliver and Jumpy” animated as a TV series.

For more information:
Website: http://www.bedtimestory4you.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/werner.stejskal?_rdr=p
Twitter: https://twitter.com/OliverandJumpy
Amazon: Werner Stejskal on Amazon

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