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Last week I participated in the Bout of Books 14 Reading Challenge.  In my original post, (see HERE) I committed to reading four books totaling 1,273 pages.  I was hoping to read 181 pages a day to stay on track. By Thursday, I had only read a total of 225 pages and was still reading the first book.

I participated in 3 challenges and one twitter chat that allowed me to interact with lots of new bloggers that I hadn’t previously known. I was even reminded of my love for unicorns (I collected them when I was younger).

By the end of the challenge:

I read 529 of 1,273 pages

I actually decided NOT to finish AMONG THE TEN THOUSAND THINGS. I’ll talk more about this in an upcoming post, but the depressing subject matter, the discombobulated (is that a word???) storytelling, and general lack of disinterest in the characters made me decide to stop reading and move on.

I finished one book, 30 LESSONS FOR LOVING.  This makes me sad because I was hoping to finish 4 books, but spending time on AMONG THE TEN THOUSAND THINGS held me up and put me behind. I just happened to choose to start with that one and it knocked off my momentum.

I’m so glad I was able to be a part of this read-a-thon. I have always wanted to participate in one, but the timing has never worked. I loved the daily challenges and the ability to be flexible with my posting and reading. I will definitely be interested in doing this challenge next year.

Bout of Books 15 Starts January 4, 2016. So mark your calendars and plan to join me and other readers with a week of reading and sharing our love of books!

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