I have been reviewing products for BEST CHOICE Brands for the last several months.  In the past I have compared their product to a similar brand-name product and offered my opinion on which one our family liked better. This time I am just trying out a Best Choice product and letting you know what I think.  Best Choice posts my reviews on their site and when it appears, I will share it with you here.  The cool thing is that you will always see my review, whether I liked the product or not. You are truly getting my HONEST OPINION. You can always see reviews of the Best Choice products from myself and other mom bloggers, by clicking HERE.
I am always so excited to open up the box and see what I am reviewing next.   
In our area, we can find Best Choice products at smaller independent grocery stores. 
Since I have been exposed to more Best Choice products, 
we have added several to our pantry, bumping out the regular brand-name products. 
The current product was part of the Superior Selections line of food items.
Stay tuned for more product reviews. 
I think you may be surprised by our results.

Our family always keeps cheese and crackers on hand 
for a snack, a weekend meal, or if friends come over. 
What did the family think about adding these crackers to our regular snack? 
If you would like to see what I thought about 
the Superior Selections Original Water Crackers, check out my review, HERE.

Thanks to Best Choice Brands for sending me this product for review. I was not compensated in any way for this review. This review is my honest opinion. 

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