On Sundays, I like to share snippets from our life here in small town Iowa. 
It’s been a few weeks since I have posted Sunday Snippets.
Sadly, that’s how busy it has been around here.
I’m taking a moment to slow down
 and reflect on these snippets from our life these last few weeks.
Take some time out of your day to relive the joy in your life.
Football finally started for Bennett.
We have had some gorgeous nights for football games.
I love cheering on #80 and his teammates.

Patrick is still running. 
This week he broke the 20 minute mark, finishing in 19:57.
He just keeps improving and I’m super proud!

Reagan and I got a little wet at one of the meets, but we were still smiling!

I love this picture.
As I was trying to get a photo of Patrick while he came in for the finish,
I also got Pat and Reagan’s arms cheering him on.
You can see Patrick right under Reagan’s hand.
I love the spirit at Cross Country meets.
Everyone is cheering for everyone. 
There is no complaining.
No yelling at the refs.
No negative attitudes.
Everyone is happy.

Just like Bennett and I were happy!

We attended our first marching band competition.
I really love watching all the bands.
I love the themes, the songs, the routines.
I’m proud to be a Band Mom!

Reagan took this shadow picture at one of the Cross Country meets
 and I thought it was funny.
Pat and the kids look like a 3-Headed Blob.

This may have been Stormy’s last nap on the porch this season.
The weather has taken a sharp turn for the cooler fall weather
and I doubt there are many porch days left.

We had a crazy weekend (still are)
and I haven’t even gotten all the photos off of my camera yet.
I will have more to share with you next Sunday.

Be sure to take some time to relish in the joyous moments from your week.
Thanks for sharing in mine!

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