On Sundays I like to share snippets from our life here in small town Iowa.
The last few weeks have been really busy for us.
I’ve been subbing nearly every day and our nights are busy with activities as well.
When we have a lot going on, the blog has to take a back seat.
Amazingly, I’ve still be able to get some reading and reviewing done though.
Thankfully, we have had a weekend to relax and play catch up and the extra bonus was we had nice weather.
I can’t believe we are heading into the last week of October already.
In two months, Christmas will be over and we will be heading into 2015.
Time is flying by so fast.
Take a some time to reflect on the snippets of your life today!
We had Homecoming a few weeks ago in our school district.
Unfortunately, it was a cold and windy day.
But, we still had our parade and then everyone moved inside for the pep rally.
The Marching Bobcats

Patrick and Bennett marching side by side in the Homecoming Parade.
The middle school band gets to march with the high school band
which is a pretty big deal!

The freshman float won 1st place with the 50’s Diner as part of our Homecoming theme,
Rockin thru the Ages

Some of the senior boys tried out cheerleading for the pep rally.
We had a “Kiss the Pig” contest during homecoming week.
Usually the newest teachers are chosen as candidates.
Staff and students donate money to nominate one teacher.
The winning teacher has to kiss the pig during the pep rally.
All the money raised is given to the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital.
Miss Becker was chosen and she was a trooper.
She even applied lipstick before her big smooch with the pig! 

Of course the marching band kept us entertained during the pep rally.
Great job, Patrick!

Since several friends were coming over, Reagan and I made homecoming cupcakes,
Blue Velvet cupcakes and yellow frosting to match our school colors.

It was pretty cold during half-time of the football game, 
but the band toughed it out and played their Timekeepers routine. 

Bennett and Reagan all dressed up for homecoming.

Since I subbed on homecoming, I got to have class with Patrick.
I can’t believe how much taller he is than me!
My parents care for a old country church, the Lima Church.
Their annual fundraising celebration is Lima Leaf Day which helps pay for the upkeep of the church and cemetery as well as the mowing each summer. 
Our family actually had a free Sunday to help out this year.

Reagan was in charge of the fish pond and the boys ran the ring toss.

I helped out in the dining room. 
We serve pork loin sandwiches, sloppy joes, hot dogs, and chili dogs
 along with sides and the most delicious homemade pies. 

Reagan rang the church bell to let everyone know it was time for the Quilt Raffle Drawing. 
We had some beautiful nights for 8th grade football during October.

Our weekends were full of marching band competitions.

Patrick LOVES playing the drums!
Can you see the clock?  
We had a gorgeous afternoon for Bennett’s last middle school football game.
He’s #80. 

Thanks for a great season boys!
These pictures remind me of the busy month we have had.
I am enjoying reliving all these great memories with our kids.
I hope you have had some time these last few weeks
to enjoy the beautiful fall weather, relish in some fun moments with your family, and take a few moments to relax.
Thanks for sharing in our life.

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