How to live the life of your dreams

By: Daphne Michaels

Published: May 25, 2014

Publisher: Daphne Michaels Books

Non-Fiction/Personal Development

I am participating in the book tour for THE GIFTED, hosted by PUMP UP YOUR BOOK. For other stops on the tour, click HERE. Various other bloggers will offer author interviews, book excerpts, giveaways, and of course, reviews.

Daphne Michaels, an author, speaker, and license psychotherapist, believes that we were all born with nine gifts.  In her book THE GIFTED, she helps us recognize these nine gifts and how to use them to our greatest potential. In explaining each of these gifts, Michaels uses metaphors to help us picture the effect of these gifts on our lives.  Surprisingly, not all of these nine gifts are positive. For example, the gift of disharmony is present in our lives. How we focus on the pieces of disharmony in conjunction with the other eight gifts in our lives will lead us to true harmony and personal growth.

As part of the gift of stillness, one piece of that is true rest. Not just sleeping, but resting while we are awake. This is something I have noticed, even before reading this book. By adding rest into my day, I have more energy and am more focused. Taking time out of  your day for true rest helps the other gifts come forward and renews your spirit.  Rest can include a brief nap, meditation, prayer, sitting silently listening to music or to nature, or reading a book.  I have found this to be an important piece of my day and certainly notice when I don’t make time for it.

In THE GIFTED, you will find many other ways that you can transform your life. For those looking for some direction or guidance, THE GIFTED can help them find what lies ahead. No matter if you are 18 or 88 or somewhere in between, THE GIFTED can help you realize those opportunities that are out there waiting for you. You may just find out who you want to become.

THE GIFTED: How to Live the Life of Your Dreams is just the first in Daphne Michaels series of books.  Yet to come include, THE GIFT OF YOUR DREAMS, THE GIFT OF CHARISMA, THE GIFT OF CREATIVITY, and THE GIFT OF NEW SUNRISES.

Daphne Michaels – source
Daphne Michaels is an author, speaker and licensed psychotherapist
whose institute has helped hundreds of women and men transform their lives
through the “gifts” every human being is born with. Daphne began her
own journey of transformation at a young age, pursued it fearlessly, and later
studied formally in the fields of social science, human services and integral
psychology. THE GIFTED: How to Live the Life of Your Dreams launches both Daphne
Michaels Books and THE GIFTED series, whose goal it is to share with the
widest audience possible the principles that guide the Daphne Michaels
Institute. For more on Daphne Michaels, visit her website at You can also find Michaels on Facebook, HERE and Twitter, HERE
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