Are looking for a new app that will challenge your brain? 
If you have a Kindle or Android device, 
this FREE app might just be for you!   

FIGURE O’SPEECH is from App-titude Games, a company that creates fun and challenging apps that test your app-titude.  When playing FIGURE O’SPEECH, you are trying to solve visual word puzzles.  With categories such as proverbs and idioms, people, movies, songs, etc, you work to figure out the phrase depicted by the picture.  If you get stuck, you are offered 3 hints per puzzle.  There are also dashes to show you how many letters/words are included in the phrase.  
As you work through the puzzles, you will unlock new sets of phrases.  There are no time limits and no in-app purchases, which I appreciate.  You can just open the app and play.  You will likely find yourself thinking about a puzzle you are stuck on throughout the day, trying to solve it so that you can move on to the next one.  One feature I like is that even if I do get stuck on a puzzle, I can just choose a different one to work on.  I don’t have to stay on the one that is challenging me.  I can always come back to it later.  If you notice in the above photo, the puzzles completed are the ones with the check mark.  The other puzzles are available for you to come back to at any time.   
As someone who feels that keeping the brain active is important no matter what age you are, this is a great app to challenge your brain and enjoy.  
To get this FREE app on your Kindle or Amazon devices, click HERE.
To get this FREE app on your Google or Android devices, click HERE
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