A year ago I turned 40.  I struggled with the number.  I wasn’t ready to be 4-0. Almost suddenly it seemed like I had a lot of changes related to turning 40.  My hormones went berserk! The grey hairs seemed to appear overnight. Additional rolls around my middle appeared and were harder to remove.  My sleep patterns turned wacky.  I got glasses that need to be worn daily. My joints are achy. I still haven’t accomplished all the things I wanted to on my 40 Before 40 List (See HERE),

But, I also experienced many wonderful things in this my 40th year –

  • A trip to California wine country with some of my favorite gals
  • Treated to a Surprise party by my husband
  • Watching our vibrant, healthy children participate and excel in their numerous activities
  • Spending time with many loved ones near and far
  • Nearly daily chats with my cousin
  • Lazy weekends mixed in with hectic weekends experiencing life
  • Many hours spent reading and enjoying friends on our porch
  • Volunteering for groups that I care deeply about
  • Drinking lots of good wine
  • Reading lots of wonderful books
  • Deepening my relationship with Jesus
  • Spending a wonderful vacation with my toes in the sand
  • Having a job that is flexible and allows me freedom to do the things I love
  • Having a husband whose job is flexible, close by, and allows me to be flexible
  • The joys of eating delicious food
  • Laughter upon laughter with friends
  • Conversations with our children

As you can imagine, I could go on and on with all the joys from my 40th year.  I’m sure I’ve even forgotten something significant.  Reading through this list brings tears to my eyes over the memories from this year. My point is, all that stuff in the first paragraph that frustrated me about turning 40 doesn’t even compare to the joys I’ve been blessed with.  No, I don’t have the most in-shape body. No, my house isn’t immaculate or professionally decorated.  Yes, my counter has dirty dishes and my floors have dirty laundry.  But, I do have an amazing husband who loves me dearly and three gorgeous kids that make me proud every single day. For that I am extremely grateful.  What more could I ask for?

So, today, as I turn 41, I am truly so thankful for my many blessings: my husband, children, and my parents, my extended family and friends, our home, our community, and our livelihoods that make these blessings possible.

Join me as I continue to work on letting go of the worry, getting my body in shape, reading all I have time for, and enjoying the moments! Here’s to 4-1!

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  1. bermudaonion on October 4, 2013 at 11:40 pm

    Happy Birthday!

  2. Sugar Cookies to Peterbilts on October 26, 2013 at 3:51 pm

    Sounds like a great year! Hope this coming year is just as good to you!

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