No one is born a perfect runner.  And none of us will become one. But through incremental steps, we can become better runners. And that’s the beauty of our sport: There are no shortcuts, nothing is given to us; we earn every mile, and we earn every result.
Peter Magill, 2010 USA Masters 5K champion

Last week I completed Week 4 in PEAK313‘s Living and Active Challenge.  I pushed through and spent most of the week sore and/or in pain.  I am using muscles that haven’t been worked in awhile, but that is a good thing.  Friday morning, I really didn’t want to get on the treadmill.  I had a lot on my plate for the day and it would have been easy to ignore it, but I got on and even did more than I “had” to in order to complete the challenge.  I am so thankful for the accountability of this challenge and will miss that after next week.  I’m hoping the accountability in my head and in my workout log will be enough to keep me moving.

With a very busy week ahead and the final week in the five week challenge, I am a bit nervous about how I am going to work everything in, but I also know that I can’t quit now.  It may not be a perfect week and some days I may want to just do enough to get by, but like the above quote says, there are no shortcuts and I have to earn my way to the finish line.  That’s what I will keep focusing on this week!


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