The No-Nonsense, Cheese-Free, Read-While-They-Nap, Easy-as-Pie Guide to Taking Top-Notch, World-Class Photos of Your Kids

By: Jane Goodrich

Published:  July 1, 2013


Jane Goodrich is one of the top New York based newborn and child photographers.  In her book she shares very simple and clear tips for getting the best out of your photographs, whether you are taking pictures of your kids or your pets or the gorgeous view on your vacation.  She takes you through step by step, explaining terms to dummies like me including ISO, shutter speed and aperture.  Even if you have a basic “point and shoot” type of camera, this book can still be extremely helpful to you.  
Beyond working your camera and playing with the settings, she also teaches you, the photographer, how to “set up” your photos like making the best use of your lighting, the rule of thirds, and using contrast in your backgrounds.
After reading through all the tips, I want to pull my kids out of school for the day and take some fun photos. There are definitely ideas and tools that I know I can put to use.  You just might start seeing some awesome photos on here soon!
Jane Goodrich has spent her life behind a lens. She staged her first shoot at age 4 and spent much of her childhood as a not-so-patient subject for her sister’s photography business. A twin herself, Jane loves shooting multiples and siblings. With every shot, she aims to let the individuality of each child shine through and capture something distinct and unknowable about their relationship. Jane’s natural connection with babies and children combined with her genuine aesthetic intuition translates into award-winning photos that are spontaneous, insightful, timeless and charming. Jane is based in New York and shoots regularly in Chicago, Denver and London, England.
For more on Jane Goodrich, visit her website, HERE. By visiting Jane’s Blog, HERE, you can find tips for taking fun, creative fall photos! You can also like Jane’s Facebook page, HERE and see beautiful photographs and instant tips for photographing your family.
Thanks to the author for sending me a copy of her book for review.  This review is my honest opinion.  I was not compensated in any other way for this review, although if she wanted to come to my house and take photos of our family, I wouldn’t turn her away! 😉
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